On-campus students donate lots of clothing and household items at the end of each school year.

University Housing’s Leave Green program connects these donations with charitable organizations in the community.

We invite your organization to apply to be this year’s recipient of items donated by more than 5,600 campus residents.

Leave Green Application

Common Donations

  • Clothing
  • Ironing boards
  • Shower caddies
  • Electronics
  • Dishes
  • Miscellaneous household items

Multiple organizations may want to work together to collect the items. If so, the application must be submitted as a single application detailing how the organizations will work together.

The selected organization(s) is expected to pick up and store the items donated on a daily basis during the collection period, April 25 – May 16. Items deemed appropriate for reuse will be at the discretion of the recipient organization.

Donation boxes should be placed in the residential facilities April 25 and picked up on May 16. University Housing maintains more than 20 buildings.

Please submit the application by Feb. 19 to be considered.

The organization selected will be notified no later than March 18.