Pictured above: Conference Assistants ride a golf cart around campus to complete their first on-duty round of the summer.

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to stay in Fayetteville this summer and meet people from around the world, apply to be a Conference Assistant today.


Conference Assistants with Chinese Walmart Associate at the annual Walmart Shareholder’s Conference.

Conference Assistants (CAs) serve a variety of roles during the summer conference season ranging from administrative help to crisis response. As a CA, you will also learn and perform at the highest level of customer service.

In return for your hard work over the summer, you’ll gain valuable experience in professional communication as well as time and money management.

“Being a Conference Assistant allowed me to enjoy Fayetteville during the summer, learn what it takes to be a team player, and meet people from all over the world. The past two summers are some of the most memorable times of my college career,” said Mesha Moore, a 2014 and 2015 conference assistant.

You will be provided with housing and a meal plan during your term of employment. Our CAs have the opportunity to work with organizations like WalMart, Summer Orientation and the First Lego League Razorback Invitational Robotics Competition.

You’ll work with a close-knit team while having the flexibility to take classes and earn money.

“One of the best summers of my life, where I learned what it felt like to work with a family,” said Carter Stallings, a 2013 conference assistant and 2014 conference coordinator.

Apply to be a conference assistant!