Every month, students, staff and professionals living and working in an on-campus setting nominate individuals and programs for monthly awards. The National Residence Hall Honorary sifts through the nominations to pick out the best of the best.

Below are the OTM (Of the Month) winners for January 2016! Winners at the campus level go on to the Regional level.

HamiltonKennethExecutive Board Member: Kenneth Hamilton, RIC Director of Sustainability

Kenneth was nominated for Executive Board Member Of the Month because of his leadership and guidance in preparing a bid for the University of Arkansas for Commitment to Sustainability at No Frills 2016 at Oklahoma State University.

“I was so proud of Kenneth for taking on this leadership role with such initiative and determination. Having little experience with bids didn’t deter him from learning more about the process and passing that information onto his team. The completion of this bid is one step closer to the University of Arkansas’s NRHH Chapter and RHA goal of submitting at least one bid per semester to promote recognition and awareness of U of A accomplishments. Kenneth’s contribution definitely is propelling us to reach our goal.”

-Samantha Brandeberry, Nominator

nelsonrosaFirst Year Student: Nelson Rosa, Humphreys Hall

“Nelson is a first year student that possesses compassion and is something to be admirable of. Students like Nelson make me thankful for the job that I have, as I get to see students like him in action!”

-Hosea Born, Nominator

CreativityboardPassive Program: Creativity Board, Northwest Quad

“This program offers a free space for residents to express themselves. Once in college, there are little opportunities to take creativity focused classes, such as art, with the strict curriculum college students are demanded to keep up with. The creativity board gives the residents a chance to post their creations for their floor-mates to see. This encourages each resident to take pride in their work in a nonjudgmental way. The board has a positive impact on not only Austin’s residents, but the community as a whole. He has taken a simple idea and made it thought provoking project. The beauty of art is that there is no set answer or interpretation. Austin’s board is an art piece of this own, that inspires each passerby to take time out of their day and relax with creating a piece of art.”

-Joseph Van Winkle, Nominator


Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Carrol Hudson, Hotz Hall

Perhaps the most admirable of Carroll’s qualities is his genuine love for his job. Even in the most stressful of times, never once have I heard Carroll complain about his work. He is always quick to say hello to RA’s and residents alike. In such a stressful job, I’m always extremely impressed that Carroll is constantly smiling, talking to people, and working hard. Anyone who has met Carroll can tell that he loves the University of Arkansas, Hotz Honors Hall, and his job.

-Nate Demery, Nominator

RyanCooneyResident Assistant: Ryan Cooney, Northwest Quad

“Ryan demonstrated his commitment to the job and his concern for the staff by going above and beyond by working to enact new policy at the Quad. Ryan Cooney is an exceptional RA. Few RAs are as capable and dedicated to their role as he is. Ryan has excellent relationships with the residents on his floor and with other RAs on staff. Ryan used his plentiful talents in ways that exceeded expectations this month.” 

-Tyler Dunn, Nominator


Residential Community: BDGR Staff, Buchanan-Droke & Gladson-Ripley Halls

“The Buchanan-Droke/Gladson-Ripley staff were so welcoming I felt right at home. Home is just what it is to them which is what makes them such a great cohesive team. I could tell that they genuinely care about their buildings. The one thing that stood out the most to me about this group of awesome people in the short period of time that I have been with them was that they are not just coworkers; they are family. They all have each others backs and are willing to help each other in any way possible. They work with what they have got in Buchanan-Droke and Gladson-Ripley and they make it work to ensure that their residents and the new resident assistant feel at home.”

-Hannah Steinman, Nominator

MocktailsatTiffanysSocial Program: Mocktails at Tiffany’s, Reid Hall

“The main goal of this program was to promote the fact that our residents can have an enjoyable time without drinking. This goal was carried out by providing simple yet tasty non-alcoholic drinks that were still very festive. Also, Reid Hall has a lot of new faces this semester so the RA staff wanted to allow old and new residents to mix and mingle in a comfortable and fun environment. ”

-Madeline Cannon & Rachel Gross, Nominators



Spotlight: Hotz Decorations, Hotz Hall

“Door decorations were a very passive, easy, and efficient tool for getting progressive concepts across to the residents of Hotz hall. Without gender neutral door decorations, the majority of the residents would not have that exposure to the idea of gender neutrality. Also, without the door decorations falling into the typical categories, Hotz hall staff was able to create that safe zone for the many awkward, but necessary conversations about gender fluidity and how those concepts have an influence on everyone’s lives—even if it is a small effect. The decorations were also a significant tool for having conversations with residents who were either shy during the first semester or were still making a transition into college and how to be more independent.”

-Shelby White, Nominator

NickStaufferStudent: Nick Stauffer, Founders Hall

“By evaluating his commitments, Nick reaffirmed and strengthened his dedication to each of his remaining organizational involvements by allocating sufficient time to each commitment. This allocation ensures that he is able to make the most of each commitment and also allows Nick to allocate sufficient time to himself and to his passions, school work, aspirations, and things that truly make him happy. Nick is a great student role model, but he’s an even better person.”

-Audrey Smith, Nominator