Residents’ Interhall Congress President Russell Sharp delivered the annual “State of the On-Campus Student Address” Monday night to celebrate the accomplishments RIC made this year.

The RIC represents the eighteen residence hall communities that house more than 5,500 on-campus students.


In the last year, RIC broke down walls of hate in the community through the Writing on the Wall Project, they have taken a stand against sexual assault through the promotion of the It’s On Us campaign and established a new testing policy for midterm exams.

“Looking back, it would seem that we’ve had a rather successful year so far,” Sharp told the assembled audience of about 30 students from various residence halls.

“However, our work is not done. In order for us to continue moving forward, we have to be bold enough to take the next step.”

Last week RIC helped bring Carlotta Walls LaNier, the youngest member of the Little Rock Nine, to the university to discuss race relations and gender equality. RIC is also looking forward to working with the Parking and Transit department to lower the cost of resident reserved parking permits for resident assistants, said Sharp.

“I challenge the members of this organization to be proactive in our efforts to make living on campus at the University of Arkansas the utmost memorable and enjoyable experience for our fellow on-campus students,” Sharp said. “Let us have the difficult conversations that bring about change rather than hate.”

“It was inspiring to hear that,” said freshman Olivia Montemayor of Founders Hall who attend the speech.

She said RIC continues to push forward ideas like Ban the Bottle, a movement to remove disposable water bottles from the campus in favor or reusable containers and tap water.

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