Pictured above: The @Home series consists of three areas of development for students: Academic, Diversity and Personal. 

University Housing will launch a series of programs this school year designed to enrich the educational experience beyond the classroom for residential students.

The  @Home series consists  of 14 large-scale events designed around one of three themes:

  1. Personal development
  2. Diversity
  3. Helping students find the resources to be academically successful

“Over the years, we’ve developed a number of key events in our halls that are well known and successful in a specific hall, but less well known in the other halls,” said Takama Statton-Brooks, Residence Education’s director for Housing.

“The @Home program allows us to bring together these impactful educational experiences in the halls into a larger, more comprehensive series. We think this will translate into greater success for our on-campus student community.”

The series kicks off at 8 p.m. Wednesday in Hotz Honors Hall with Chocolate Wasted, an alcohol awareness program where students learn about the affects of alcohol. It will be one of the personal development-focused events. The program began in Reid Hall and is now being shared with the broader campus.

“Chocolate Wasted is a fun and interactive way for students to learn about real life issues and techniques for how to react to them. While the program itself is fun and engaging, the underlying message is a serious one that every student should be aware of,” said Asher Morgan, substance abuse prevention coordinator at Pat Walker Health Center.

“The use of chocolate as a medium makes this event a nonthreatening way to discuss alcohol use.”

Morgan is helping with the event.


Housing’s Residence Education unit began work in spring to decide how to expand their existing program into the comprehensive @Home series of signature programs.

Housing will partner with faculty and staff who are considered content experts to provide an interactive experience for students.

Assistant professor Lissette Szwydky-Davis of the English Department serves in the Faculty-in-Residence position for Housing.

She provided advice from a faculty perspective for the @Home series. She attends meetings and assists in the review of program outlines and provides feedback.

Please reach out to Statton-Brooks for more information on the @Home series.


Month Name of event Housing Facilitators
September Chocolate Wasted Sarah Frances Lyon
October Finance Symposium Amanda Bobo
October Life Raft Debate Stephanie Adams, Ed.D.
October Study Habits Kathryn Lammers
November Election Watch Party Kyle Moore
November Exploration of Spirituality Stacia Smith
December Midnight Breakfast Joe Yevara
February My Biggest Failure Melanie O’Laughlin
February Sweet Chariot Takama Statton-Brooks, Ed.D
March Finance Symposium Meredith Baltz
March Study Habits Kathryn Lammers
April Night Market Eric Peltier
April Straight Shot EmmaLe Davis
May Midnight Breakfast Joe Yevara

Originally published on University News.