Pictured above: RIC representatives heard and approved a request to spend $1,000 for food and decorations for the Resident Assistants’ Banquet from 7 – 10 p.m., Thursday, May 4 in the Arkansas Union Ballroom.  

By Jessi Balagtas
Reid Hall Resident Assistant

Residents’ Interhall Congress executives reminded members to ask questions and debate when requests for funds come to them.

“Think: Are you really serving the on campus student?… Rigorously debate these bills if you don’t like them,” said RIC president Trent Wilson in a letter. He was out sick for the Monday, March 6 meeting.

“Remember who your audience is and who you’re trying to serve,” said Nimit Ghandi, RIC vice president.

“We were just nitpicking last year [fall semester] and now you guys are just Yes-Men … if you want to say ‘no’ just say ‘no'” said Gabrielle Hizer, director of communications.

With these thoughts in mind, RIC representatives had a long night ahead to vote on 6 bills. One of which, a request to install floor televisions in Yocum Hall, was worth $5,000.

This group of representatives made history for their term in that they made their first financial amendment to a bill before passing it.

In other words, they asked the author reduce the requested amount by $500.

After a long debate, the $5000 request went through for new Yocum Hall TVs. The vote was 80 percent for and 20 percent against.

“If you think about how many students it serves, it really isn’t that expensive,” said RIC representative Larry Hill.

The following bills were passed tonight, allocating $7,000 to various programs:

  • Hotz Floor Feud on March 8 authored by Elise Everly and Logan Mills
  • RA Senate request for Resident Assistants’ Banquet
  • Pie on Pi in Hotz on March 14
  • Yocum TV Bill
  • Duncan Apartment Gym Improvement authored by Mrinalini Sharma
  • NRHH Donut Extravaganza at the Union on March 10

What’s on the table for next week?

  • Hotz Crawfish Boil
  • Funding for Night Market
  • Funding for Straight Shot