Pictured above: Administrative specialist Christie Rollins handles packages daily in the Northwest Quad. Make sure your student’s forwarding address is correct.

Move out is almost here. Here’s a refresher on how University Housing handles mail and packages during the move-out process.

All mail and package delivery to your student’s residence hall will stop Tuesday, May 9.

UPS, DHL, and FedEx packages cannot be forwarded. Those packages will be returned to sender if they arrive after that date.

United States Postal Service (USPS) mail and packages will be forwarded for 30 days. Any USPS mail that arrives after that time will also be returned to sender.

Students should update their forwarding address through the UAConnect account prior to the May 9 deadline.

All mail will be returned to sender if the mailing address is not updated through UAConnect.

Students can log-in to their account at uaconnect.uark.edu.

Questions about this process should be directed to the residence hall administrative specialist or the coordinator for residence education (CRE) before the May 9 deadline.