Why do you love living on campus?

Maybe it’s the convenience, the amenities, the in-between moments of enjoying a hammock break on Old Main Lawn. Whichever reason you love best, you might find another in the reasons to ReUp below!

#10 Live Involved

Living on campus means living in campus involvement. From pop-up University events to RA’s hosting programs with free activities, benefits and food, you never know what a day of living on campus will bring!

#9 Live Safe

Not only is each residence hall is equipped with its own security system, but on-campus transportation services are also available. Had a late night studying and need to go home? Safe-Ride can pick you up anywhere from on campus and get you back.

#8 Live Close

There’s no question on proximity to campus when you’re already living on it! Whether you need to get to class, food, Mullins or club meetings, you’re almost already there- just grab your things and you’re good to go!

#7 Live Fully-Furnished

What’s worse than getting all your bedding, storage and decorations to match? Getting everything to match AND the furniture for it. Let housing handle the heavy lifting. Living on campus means your room is already furnished with the necessities.

#6 Live Cheap

Living off campus isn’t cheap. From monthly payments, utility increases, and repair costs, bills can pile on quick. By living on campus, you’re responsible for a one-time housing payment which includes all the amenities (even full COX cable!)  

#5 Live Well-Rested

Break in between classes? Time for a nap! 8 am? Hit that snooze button one more time- class is only 10 minutes away! Living on campus means living with more opportunities for the thing college students love most- sleep.

#4 Live Clean

Living on campus means routine cleaning. Teams of ISA staffs work to help you keep things clean, including deep-cleaning of community bathrooms, floor waxings and hallway vacuuming. Talk about awesome staff members who care about student’s cleanliness!

#3 Live Traffic-Free

Two words: Fayetteville. Traffic. From the hilly roads to busy walkways and the ever-stressful parking situation, living on campus means no morning or evening commute! A quick walk home from class and you’ve got rush hour traffic beat. You win.

#2 Live Full

On-campus living+on-campus eating=LOTS of food. Whether you’re filling up on Brough’s unlimited options or treating yourself to a late-night milkshake from True Burger, having an on-campus meal plan saves you from having to plan, buy and make food. 

#1 Live Less Stressed

Being a college student means being busy… a lot. From classes to clubs to meetings to taking time for yourself, time gets away from us quickly. By living on campus, you’re saving some precious time! Re-contract at housing.uark.edu today.