Paid Internship in Communications

Get paid $2,000 over the summer to learn about content strategy, web development, broadcast communications, storytelling and visual design.

Deadline to apply is Friday, April 13.

This position offers the student significant opportunities to build a digital resume and explore career paths in the following:

  1. Web writing
  2. Live broadcast
  3. Coding
  4. Graphic design
  5. Photography
  6. Video
  7. Public relations
  8. Marketing

Duties include

• Content Creation: Applying best practices to web writing and visual design

• Content Strategy: Measuring the impact of content

• Social Media Correspondent: Use University Housing’s main social media channels to display event- and message-driven content. Intern will learn to listen and analyze social media content with an emphasis on quantitative return on investment (ROI). Experience with HootSuite social management tool is a plus.

This intern will work in University Housing Office and report to the assistant director for marketing and strategic communications. The job requires 20 hours a week, including at least 5 remote work hours. The internship begins in mid-May and extends until early August. 

The student is required to perform both independently and collaboratively on tasks with significant impact on the success of the University of Arkansas. The student must demonstrate sound judgment, discretion, tact, and strong written and verbal communication skills.


Applying students should have at least sophomore-class standing and a desire to pursue a career in a communications-related field. Experience in journalism and/or public relations is a plus, though not required. Excellent writing and editing skills and some experience creating online content through blogging and/or social media are important.