Pictured above: Students lining up for Taste of Fayetteville 2018 

By Mattea Jones
Marketing Intern
University Housing

Taste of Fayetteville is an annual Welcome Weeks event that occurs during the week prior to the start of the fall semester. It is an opportunity for new students to try out the local cuisine in Fayetteville in an open-air food festival hosted in the Greek Theater.

Students lined up in front of Gibson Hall before the event started eagerly waiting to get their wristband for the event. The line wrapped in front of Slims and Starbucks on campus.

Resident assistant Blake Wojciechowski said he couldn’t think of a better combination than free food, friends and music.

While at the event, you could feel the excitement in the air as students milled around trying all of the samples. From the long lines at Cane’s and Whataburger to the students sitting on the sidewalk eating ice cream cones, you could feel the anticipation for the new school year all around.

Vendors from all over Fayetteville came out to showcase their specialties.

Participants included:

This annual event allows the new Razorbacks to become more familiar with the popular places to eat for college students while in Fayetteville.

Students wandered from tent to tent trying the different dishes and enjoying the warm summer night.

The Taste of Fayetteville successfully introduced the Fayetteville food culture to our new students.

This event happened August 15, 2018.