Pictured above: Resident Madison Kennedy doing yoga during Kickball, Corgis, and Cucumbers | Photo by Hannah Hamilton

By Hannah Hamilton
Resident Assistant
Hotz Honors Hall

Kickball, Corgis, and Cucumbers was a program put on Sept. 11 by Hotz Honors Hall. The event promoted health and wellness for residents while letting them enjoy fun activities and tasty treats and, of course, corgis.

Arriving students were encouraged to take a protein ball, cucumber water and a Greek yogurt popsicle.

They could then join in on the kickball fun down at the lawn south of the Maples or they enjoy some stress relief by petting the corgis on the Hotz Honors Hall lawn.

Residents were encouraged to participate in yoga on the patio with local University Recreation yoga instructor Joshua Upshaw once sunset began.

Freshman resident John David Person said he especially enjoyed participating in a pose called “Shavasana,” where the participant lays flat on their back after a yoga session. While residents were stretching out their stresses, they had the opportunity to enter into a drawing to win a free yoga mat and strap.

The winner of the yoga mat was drawn at the end of the yoga session. The winner was freshman Camille Wagner from Bella Vista.

This fun and relaxing event was very successful and helped show students that there are many easy ways to stay healthy and happy while in college.

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