Hey #uark students! Are you in the process of planning out your room for the upcoming semester? No worries, we have compiled a list of on-trend decor pieces that are also functional to help make this process easier.

String Lights

Sometimes resident rooms can feel dark or dull due to the cement walls. Adding some string lights throughout your space can instantly make the place feel alive again! They come in all sorts of fun shapes and colors. Not to mention, they make the perfect lighting for late night studying. Such an easy way to change the vibe in your room right away!


Struggling to find a way to take up wall space? Tapestries make the perfect decorations because they are easy to hang, add a lot of personality to a room and can be easily switched out. They are a great way to cover plain walls, while also adding some texture. You can find very affordable and trendy tapestries on Amazon!


Another way to add life to your room is to add some plants. Now, being a college student usually comes with a very busy schedule, meaning you might not always have time to water your plants. Luckily, succulent plants are perfect for those with a hectic lifestyle. Succulents don’t need much watering, but they do need some sunlight to thrive. Try placing them in your windowsill or hanging them by your window!

Storage Unit

Nervous that you won’t have enough storage space? This is normal, as college residence halls usually are pretty small with limited space for storage. One idea is to loft your bed and use the space underneath to store your necessities. There are plenty of shelving options available that could fit under a lofted bed. Add some decorative bins to hold your things and boom: a cute space that also serves a purpose.


Being away from home for the first time can be a little intimidating at first. Nothing can quite cure a case of homesickness, but a plethora of pillows sure can’t hurt! Adding several pillows to your bed can add a layer of coziness to your new room. Think of it as all of your pillows giving you a giant hug when you get in your bed. Plus, pillows come in all sorts of designs, fabrics and sizes. They are the perfect way to really customize your space!


Unfortunately, you can’t bring your family and friends with you to college (what a concept). But, you can bring the next best thing: photos of them. Pictures are an awesome way to bring some of home with you to school. Whether you put them in frames, directly on the wall or on a board, they are guaranteed to cheer you up when you need it.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you plan out your room for the new semester! We are so excited to see you at The University of Arkansas soon. Welcome to your new #UARKHOME!