Pictured above: This is a self-balancing two-wheeled board as depicted on Wikipedia.

Electric skateboards may not be stored or charged in University Housing facilities due to the risk of explosive batteries.

This policy applies to “Mini-Segways,” hoverboards, or any self-balancing boards and scooters. It is effective immediately.

Be aware that several airlines banned these devices from flights. Please contact your airline directly for additional information.

The devices are a popular holiday gift this year. Students will not be allowed to bring them back to campus if they reside in a residence hall.

New York City banned their use and the United Kingdom prohibits residents from using them on public sidewalks. A number of American universities have prohibited their use in residence halls due to a number of explosions or fires being caused due to faulty batteries.

University Housing reached this decision in consultation with the campus fire marshall, the office of risk and property management and the university’s legal counsel.

Please call University Housing at 479-575-3951 if you have further questions.