Pictured above: Folks from Gamer 4 Good spread the word Friday on campus about the competition. Daniel Hazman, left, is Gamer 4 Good’s CEO and founder. He is also a former resident of Pomfret Hall. | Photo submitted

g4g bannerPomfret residents enjoy a unique opportunity this month. The Gamer 4 Good pilot competition turns recycling in the halls into actual prizes.

You can earn points by recycling and logging activities in the Gamer 4 Good website.

The resident with the most points wins:

  1. First Place: iPad Mini
  2. Second Place: Yeti Cooler
  3. Third Place: $100 textbook credit at the UA Bookstore

The floor that recycles the most will be treated to an excursion to Arkadia Retrocade for a day of old school arcade gaming.

In addition, earning Green Dollars (G$) allows you redeem this currency for prizes with local merchants.

It’s not too late to join the competition if you live in Pomfret.

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up at http://go4thegreen.gamer4good.com.
  2. Watch the tutorial.
  3. Load the Pomfret competition.
  4. Earn points by completing the Locate, Learn, Share, Game, Recycle activities.

University Housing partnered Gamer 4 Good to compete in this friendly cross-campus competition. It is also open to members of Greek Life, certain Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), some classes within Walton College and the Chancellor’s Office.

The competition runs from April 4-29.

Additional Information

How do I recycle?

  • Deposit the items in the bins on your respective floor.
  • Remember to self-report your recycling activities by quantities of items, not weight. If you don’t self-report, you don’t get points. Note we verify everything on the back end. We can disqualify anyone and any group gaming the system, e.g. inflating self-reported numbers, raiding recycling bins, going to Walmart asking for their cardboards, etc. The whole purpose is to make an impact, not to divert what’s already going to be recycled.
  • A Pomfret green leader will take your recycling down to the Discussion Room on the first floor.
  • Point matrix:
    • 1 aluminum can = 100 pts.
    • 1 corrugated cardboard = 50 pts.
    • 1 plastic bottle (PET)/container (HDPE) = 25 pts.
    • 1 sheet of paper = 1 pt. (Available to Chancellor’s Office only at this time)
Discussion Room

Recycled materials are staged in Pomfret’s “Discussion Room” during the competition | Photo submitted

What are Green Dollars?

  • Green Dollars (G$) is our virtual currency within the app.
  • Earn 1G$ for every 100 pts earned. G$ can be redeemed for rewards or donation in our marketplace.
  • G$ can be purchased at a rate of $1 = G$20
  • G$ can be gifted to other players (with a small fee)