University Housing is making plans for the arrival of over 5,700 students to return to campus.

Part of the process is planning for the hard-to-predict Arkansas weather.

You are encouraged to monitor the weather in your local area—all the way to campus as you prepare to move into the residence halls. Student move in will proceed as planned whether sunny skies or heavy rains.

But in the event of thunderstorms, we will move students, staff, and volunteers working outdoors into the nearest residence hall for their safety.

Student move-in will be not delayed because of severe weather, but this does mean that you will not see the typical resources dedicated to directing traffic or staffing the parking lots.

If it is predicted to rain on the day you are scheduled to arrive on campus, please take some time to consider how this may affect your personal belongings.

Boxes that are exposed to rain for any length of time will lose their integrity. Items packed in storage tubs may become slippery and difficult to manage.

While there will be a limited number of moving aids, or dollies, available for use, these are not guaranteed to be available as quickly as you need them.

Feel free to bring any dollies or moving aids you have that could assist with your move-in.

The weather plan for student move-in will address both the weather risk as well as the vulnerability of each building/facility or activity to the weather risk.

Should any weather or traffic condition occur that is of significance to our arriving students and their families, a message will go out on the page and University Housing social media.