Pictured Above: The resident assistants of Humphreys Hall work hard and play hard together. | Photo by University Housing

When I accepted my resident assistant, or RA, position at Humphreys Hall last spring, I knew that working where I lived would create a unique work environment; however, I got the family I never expected.

During training and Move-In, it was evident that the bond that formed between our staff was more than the “normal” coworker bond. It was a family.

In early September, one of my older brothers was in a severe cycling accident. He had a severe brain injury and had memory loss. My family took shifts to go out and be with him in Colorado. As soon as I found out that I would be gone for an extended period of time, my fellow staff members not only stepped up to fill and cover desk shifts, but also were there for me in every way that I needed.

Stephanie Wolf, the Coordinator for Residence Education, worked with the Dean of Student’s office and upper housing to make sure that my professors were notified I was leaving and all my bases were covered.

The day I left for Colorado was my 20th birthday. That morning I woke up to 15 notes from my staff wishing me a safe trip and a happy birthday. The notes all had “open 1 hour into your trip” to “open when you are bored” statements on the outside. They made my 13-hour trip more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise.

Resident Assistants forge deep friendships during their long hours working together in the residence halls.

The resident assistants of Humphreys Hall forged deep friendships during their long hours working together.

Gabe, Taylor, Jessica, Erin, Nathan, Brooke, Krystine, Chantz, Brandon, Maris, Bradley, Dae, Landan, Avery, Justin and Stephanie all made a tough time in my life a lot easier. My staff never failed to keep me in good spirits and always asked if they could help in any way.

In March, I never expected that staff relationship to form. I could never repay my staff for what they helped me through. They may think their actions were nothing or insignificant, but their actions are what helped me through the days where I did not know if my brother was going to live. They helped me through the days that I didn’t know if my brother would regain his long-term memory. Even after he stabilized and was making progress, they still helped me out in any way that I needed.

My staff has become a wonderful family to me.

I cannot begin to thank them enough for everything that they have done. I am beyond grateful that the unique relationship that exists in our staff is here in the first place.

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