Pictured above: This is James Freeman, a student and ResNet technician. University Housing is recruiting for Fall 2016. You’ll earn $9 an hour as you help students with their networking and Internet issues in the residence halls. Apply today. | Photo by Kent Perrodin

ResNet is recruiting for Fall 2016.

You can earn $9 an hour as you learn how to troubleshoot the Internet in University Housing’s residence halls.

Brittni Gober is a lead ResNet technician. | Photo by Kent Perrodin

Senior Brittni Gober started with no technical experience as a freshman. She is now a lead ResNet technician. | Photo by Kent Perrodin

Just ask Brittni Gober.

Gober joined ResNet in 2012, two weeks before her freshman year.

She said she had very little experience with computers and networking systems when she started.

“I’d never seen a Mac before joining ResNet,” Gober said.

But a week-long training program that all new ResNet undergo got her ready to hit the field, she said.

The residential network team, or ResNet, is a collaborative effort between University Housing and Information Technology Services to provide technical support for students living on campus.

ResNet technicians are available by phone, online or even in person. Sometimes they make “house calls” to the residence hall.

Open to All

Those without a technical background are welcome to apply, Gober said.

The position is open to students from any major.

ResNet serves as the liaison between students and ITS. Housing is looking for up to six new students to join the team of dedicated ResNet technicians.

Today, Gober is a senior and a lead ResNet technician. She works a lot with her supervisor, Scott Christian, a computer support specialist, to generate schedules and handle overall management.

“Most students come to the University of Arkansas to prepare for a career outside of academia,” said Christian. “ResNet is more than a job. It’s a professional occupation that requires refined communication skills in a client-based environment.

“You’re not going to gain that kind of experience sitting behind a register, slinging fries,” Christian said.

“We invest a lot of time and effort into our recruits. We teach them professional interaction and technical skills that they will utilize in their futures, Our former graduates have moved on to careers in Intel, Conoco-Phillips, BP, and other high-profile companies.”

Scott Christian

ResNet Manager , University Housing

“We certainly don’t guarantee future success, but our former techs certainly accredit us with getting them started,” he said.

Flexible Hours

Christian and Gober always keep school first when making schedules for ResNet techs. Work hours are very flexible and are planned around class schedules, Gober said.

As ResNet technicians, students work an average of 10-15 hours a week. They are tasked with troubleshooting, as well as some side projects including installing equipment, creating and editing videos and updating Housing’s website.

Students work a maximum of 20 hours a week if approved for weekend overtime, but it is not required.

Additionally, the schedule runs on the same schedule as the university, meaning the office is closed on all breaks, snow days, holidays, etc.

ResNet Benefits

  • $9.00 an hour with an opportunity for a raise at the end of each semester worked.
  • Troubleshoot Wi-fi and networking systems
  • Learn to provide technical support to residential students
  • Never work during Razorback football games.

ResNet Requirements

  1. Enrolled as student at the university (this includes those beginning Fall 2016
  2. Ready to work Aug. 1, 2016

Any further questions can be directed to Scott Christian at cschrist@uark.edu.