Plenty of people have a game plan for surviving the apocalypse.

But after the basics of food and shelter are taken care of, you might wish that you had taken an agri-science class so you could know how to farm. Or you might wish that you had paid more attention in chemistry so you know what products are used to make medicine.

If only a professor was around to help!

Pick Your Professor

If you could have a professor help rebuild society after an apocalypse, what kind of professor would be the best to have around?

What kinds of knowledge do some academic branches have that helps make a functioning society?

Professors will answer those questions at the Life Raft Debate at 7 p.m. Oct 12 in Hillside Auditorium 202.

Professors Ann Diallo from political science, David Barrett from philosophy, Scott Osborn from engineering, Frank Jacobus from architecture, and Susan Bristow from business will all compete to prove that their academic disciplines would be the most valuable to maintaining society.

Tweet Your Questions

Tweet your questions to the professors using the #UARKLifeRaft hashtag.

Don’t hold back.

There will be snacks, beverages and survival kit door prizes at the event, as well as professors

from the horticulture department to help hone your survival skills.

If you’re more into reading about the destruction of society, the English department will be there with post-apocalyptic tips.

Come experience the apocalypse and help select the discipline that will be the best to re-build the world.

About Life Raft Debate

The Life Raft Debate is an academic component of Housing’s @Home series. The @Home series consists of 14 signature events during the school year that focus on academic success, personal development or diversity education.