Pictured above: Ray Murphy, a first-year student, talks to university professors and authors Jeremy Hyman and Lynn Jacobs one-on-one about how to study. | Photo by Lindsey Collin

By Lindsey Collins
Maple Hill East Resident Assistant

This University Housing event in the Arkansas Union opened on a counter-intuitive note with a list of ways “NOT” to study.

Philosophy professor Jeremy Hyman and art professor Lynn Jacobs started with a list of 10 “NOTs.”

The Study NOTs

  1. Study only when there’s a test or quiz. NOT … Study for each class meeting.
  2. Count busy work as studying. NOT … Count only task-oriented work as studying.
  3. Start with the “no brainer” stuff.. NOT … Face the “killer courses” first.
  4. Disregard the Prof’s clues. NOT … Use all the hints given by prof.
  5. Study while Instagraming, Tweeting or Tindering. NOT … Close all the apps.
  6. Take constant breaks whenever you’re tired, distracted or plain fed up. NOT… Try 30 minute studying units with 10 minute breaks.
  7. Give the reading the once over lightly. NOT … Read like a pro and stop to do problems as you encounter them.
  8. Confusing a “study” group with a study group. NOT … Join a study group where real learning is on the agenda
  9. Taking four-day weekends every weekend. NOT … Make sure you study at least one day each weekend. BECAUSE … Each day takes up about 14 percent of your time. So if you take a three-day weekend, you are wasting about 42 percent of your time.
  10. Banging your head against the wall, then banging your head up against the wall again. NOT … Go to see your professor or teaching assistant for help or advice.

These University of Arkansas faculty literally wrote the book on “The Secrets of College Success.”

“The program was very interesting. The presenters kept the thirty-minute presentation lively,“ said Rylee Zimmer, a first-year student.

Passports and Prizes

Students had a passport card and every table involved with the event would give them a sticker. When the passport was full, they could turn it in to be eligible for a prize from Housing.

The two biggest raffle prizes were:
1. Powerbeats wireless earphones (Beats by Dre)
2. A Keurig coffee maker.

Other prizes included Razorback t-shirts, copies of “The Secrets of College Success” and study kits with lamps, pens, snacks, etc.

And plenty of trail mix for that long study sesh.

And plenty of trail mix for that long study sesh.

Students walked around to different tables and got more information about studying and resources on campus available to them.

Other tables included:

1. Class+
2. Center for Educational Access
3. Honors College
4. Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education
5. Fulbright College

Students learned about different style of learning including kinetic and auditory.

Students learned about different style of learning including kinetic and auditory.

“I learned that I am a kinesthetic learner, and that doing other tasks while learning will helps me retain information,” said Chancellor Shepard, a first-year student.

About @Home

The Study Like a Hog Resource Fair is an academic component of Housing’s @Home series. The @Home series consists of 14 signature events during the school year that focus on academic success, personal development or diversity education.