By Aja Pence
Sustainability Coordinator

Recyclemania’s week 1 results are in!

As a university, we recycled almost 700 pounds of cardboard, cans, plastic and paper. However, around 65 pounds was contaminated – meaning it still contained food particles that made it ineligible for recycling.

Remember that any material that is contaminated must be thrown away due to recycling procedures and policies. Please make sure all materials are cleaned out and dry before recycling!

Week 1 Scores (Top 10)

  1. Pomfret Hall – 103 Pounds
  2. NW Quad- 88.5 Pounds
  3. Reid Hall – 63.5 Pounds
  4. Yocum Hall – 60 Pounds
  5. Duncan Avenue Apartments – 54.5 Pounds
  6. Hotz Honors Hall – 53.5 Pounds
  7. Humphreys Hall – 38.5 Pounds
  8. Maple Hill East- 37 pounds
  9. Walton Hall – 35 pounds
  10. Gregson Hall – 32.5 pounds

It looks like Walton Hall has lost their lead from last year’s week 1 Recyclemania.

Pomfret leads the competition with over 100 pounds of recycled material.

We still have several weeks left, so keep encouraging your hall mates to recycle, recycle, recycle for those big prizes!