Pictured above: Students gather at the Straight Shot event to hear Brady Toops play on the lawn near Maple Hill South. 

By Riley Garrett
Hotz Honors Hall Resident Assistant

The on-campus community gathered Thursday, March 30, on the Maple South lawn for festivities centered around alcohol awareness.

Straight Shot provided UA students with the opportunity to bust out their best dance moves in a safe and fun environment. It is part of the University Housing’s @Home programming series.

The event was encased by sky-high fences that were illuminated and painted to resemble a Row Week concert. Row Week events are large parties and concerts organized by the university’s Greek fraternities and sororities.

Non-alcoholic beverages and a variety of sweets were offered to give participants some fuel for the dance floor.

Brady Toops, a university graduate and singer, entertained the crowd with a set list full of original songs and covers. A former Razorback and baseball player, Toops recounted his days as a student and reminded the crowd to be responsible with alcohol.

University police were also present with drunk googles to illustrate the distortion incurred when excessive drinking occurs. While it was a fun activity for many to watch their friends stumble around, it showed just how impaired a person can become when inebriated.

Many UA students enjoyed the event because it gave them an alternative for their Thursday, which is usually a night filled with exclusive parties.

“We are not really party people, but we liked that we could experience the party atmosphere without drinking and other things at a party,” freshman Hannah Brletich said.

Residents from halls spanning across campus came out for the event to see a great performance, witness the perils of drunk driving illustrated by wrecked cars, and socialize with one another.

“Straight Shot was unlike any other event this year,” Hotz Honors Hall freshman Keaton Grimmet said.

“It’s nice to have live music and University Housing did a great job appealing to students’ wants.”

Straight Shot was not just an attempt to create a party atmosphere, but present interactive and meaningful commentary about an issue that many UA students face.