Study Like a Hog Focuses on Student Wellness and Academics

Study Like a Hog Focuses on Student Wellness and Academics

Pictured Above: Ashley Meek, Chartwells’ director of nutrition and wellness, left, and a Chartwells’ intern, right, participated in the @Home series to educate students on healthful snacking. | Photos by Sandra Ezigbo

By Sandra Ezigbo
Pomfret Hall Resident Assistant

Mullins Library had an eventful evening Oct. 10, as students on campus learned what it meant to Study like a Hog.

UA students gather items from the trail mix bar to make their own healthful study snack.

The Study Like a Hog resource fair provided students with tips to achieve better grades. It is part of University Housing’s @Home program.

When students first arrived in front of the library, they created their own trail mix from the make-and-take trail mix bar filled with nutritious snacks ideal for studying.

Study Snacks

Ashley Meeks, Chartwells’ director of nutrition and wellness talked to students about the importance of having a snack that you can easily make whether you live on or off campus.

A few general nutrition tips Meeks shared with students is that food rich in fiber, like almonds, raisins and bananas, can help you stay fuller for longer.

Also, the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates can provide a lot of energy for you before a test.

Studying in the test room or chewing gum while studying and also when taking the test can help you recall information.   

Once students walked in Mullins, they received a scavenger hunt paper from the check-in table and went through the informational sessions to get stamps. Once completed, they turned in their hunt results for a chance to win a prize.  

Students played a two-player strategy game called mancala while taking a break at the event.

 Professors’ Panel

The first session was a professors’ panel. The panel had professors from different departments at the university.

The panel included:

  • Lorraine Brewer (chemistry and biochemistry)
  • Adnan Ali Khalaf Al-Rubaye (biological sciences)
  • Lance Miller (mathematical sciences)
  • Stephen Caldwell (music)

Students were provided with a notecard to write questions for the professors.

Some questions asked included:

  • What are some academic resources you wish students took more advantage of?
  • What is your best tip for getting through school?
  • Would you recommend reading the material or listening to the lecture first for a hard class?
  • What is the best thing about your job?

Academic Advice

Denise Beike, a professor from the psychology department, teaches honors psychology and upper-level research class.

She led a session on memorization methods. She shared a few tips about memory that can help students improve studying.

Doing things like adding meaning to words, creating mnemonics that are based on personal thoughts and even making a little tiny fold on certain flashcards can help you retain information better.

Kathleen Lehman, a user-experience librarian at Mullins Library, discussed research resources. She informed students on how to use the library databases to find peer-reviewed or scholarly articles.

Lehman also shared different resources the library provides for students such as technology and study rooms. 

Study Break

Rhiannon displays her acquired study-tip handouts from the night’s activities.

Rhiannon de la Rosa a sophomore studying horticulture says that “I enjoyed attending the librarian resources, memorization, teacher panel, nutrition booth. Super fun time!” 

After attending these sessions, it was time for a study break. On the 4th floor of Mullins, activities such as the game Apples to Apples, Uno, puzzles, coloring books and mancala were set up in the “Take a Break Room.”

There was also a meditation room with Thupten Dorjee. Dorjee holds the title of “Geshe” within Tibetian Buddhism. He informed students that working out, sitting up straight to prevent back pain and practicing breathing techniques are all ways to improve their meditation skills.  

Study Like a Hog showcased many ways that students can be academically successful here at the University of Arkansas.

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