Pictured above: Did they escape? Our LLC participants raced against one another to complete our Halloween Escape Room. | Photos by Angel Sigears

By Angel Sigears
LLC Peer Ambassador
Residence Education

Imagine your mentor has been kidnapped by clowns that have taken the town.

You become trapped in a room and you only have so much time to save yourself as well as your friends before they return.

Escape Room

Can you escape?

Our Living Learning Community (LLC) participants participated in an escape room organized and designed by their LLC peer ambassadors. The event took place Oct. 22-25.

For a month, our peer ambassadors worked to organize an intellectual puzzle that challenged their LLC participants to work together and escape a room in under 30 minutes.

Challengers competed in a race against time to determine which LLC community could escape the fastest. Air Force ROTC LLC took home the win by completing the challenge in 12 minutes.

Participants were challenged to solve a series of clues that would lead them to their release. Some of them focused on trying to unlock a lockbox, while others were combination-based.

It was just one of the many ways that our Living Learning Community program gets students to interact with one another while putting their brains to the test.

“I thought this was a great event and it was really fun,” said Abby Hoelzeman, Music LLC peer ambassador.

“We all had our own strengths and we used that together as a team. It was a great experience for us to interact with each other and other LLCs,” said Lauren Sando, International Education LLC member.

Air Force ROTC took home the win with the fastest time of 12 minutes to escape.


Living Learning Communities

University Housing offers several residential communities to students organized around academic majors and educational interests.

Each Living Learning Community, or LLC, allows on-campus students to live alongside others who share their interests and participate in monthly activities that promote academic and personal success.

This means that freshmen have the chance to live with others who have shared interests while receiving extra support that they might need as they adjust to life at the University of Arkansas.

LLCs at the University of Arkansas play a pivotal role in the lives of incoming students trying to adapt to the collegiate lifestyle.

Often, incoming students fear they will have a hard time becoming acquainted or meeting new people. Our LLCs allow these students the opportunity to quickly make friends and feel comfortable on campus while meeting faculty and staff dedicated to their success.

Peer Ambassadors

Our peer ambassadors serve as student leaders within each community to act as a liaison between students and faculty/staff. They work to provide programs that fit the social needs that keep our students informed about life at the university.

Peer ambassadors are there to serve as mentors to answer any questions our participants have. Our programs and communities are geared towards their transition to college, to fit their interests and needs, and to hopefully help them achieve success both academically and socially.

If you are a new or returning University of Arkansas student interested in participating in our Living Learning Communities, you can find out more information by visiting our website at housing.uark.edu/llc.

The application to join an LLC is part of your housing contract.

Any current students interested in serving as an LLC peer ambassador for 2018-2019 can read a full job description and/or apply for the position at https://orgsync.com/151240/forms/285785.