By Michelle Clark
Peer Ambassador

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) at the University of Arkansas are communities comprised of students who share similar majors or interests. The LLCs are a great way to make friends and to feel more comfortable at the University of Arkansas. Other benefits included in the LLC experience are real-life exposure to your field of interest, small-group networking with faculty and staff in your major, trips off-campus at little or no cost to you and the opportunity to become a leader in your community.

Visit the University Housing website to see what LLCs are available for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Living Learning Communities attract people for various reasons. Some people are interested in the close-knit communities that they can provide, while others seek to take advantage of the academic opportunities they present.

For Michelle Clark, a former Engineering LLC participant and the current peer ambassador for media relations, it was the community that interested her.

“I didn’t start out the year in the Engineering LLC, but many of the first friends that I made on my floor were in it. After seeing how awesome the community was and the opportunities my friends got, I decided to join the LLC,” Clark said.

For Jayla Presley, the situation was different.

“I joined because of my scholarship and because it was going to give me the opportunity to meet, socialize and develop relationships with others who had the same academic path as I did,” she said.

The LLC community left her with a strong network of professional relationships.

“Through the LLC, I was able to network within the housing community and build professional relationships, which in turn opened the door for me to become a peer ambassador myself. A job that I have been able to continue for the last two years,” Presley said.

Although participants may join for a specific reason, it is safe to say they reap the rewards of all the opportunities LLCs offer.

Peer Ambassadors

For Clark, the experience was similar, “In my case, I joined for the community, but I got so much more out of the experience. I loved it so much that I applied to be a peer ambassador for my sophomore year. I was lucky enough to get the position, and the experience as a peer ambassador has been just as amazing as a participant,” Clark said.

That is the case for many members.

Not only do the LLCs offer educational and personal growth opportunities for participants, they offer professional and leadership development for the peer ambassadors.

Being a peer ambassador is an important job. You get to mentor and guide first-year students, further develop professional relationships with faculty and staff in your academic field, and plan small and large-scale events. Common skills and qualities that peer ambassadors possess and develop while in their position are interpersonal communication, strategic planning, budgeting and leadership.

The LLCs at the University of Arkansas are a great introduction into collegiate lifestyle, starting with opportunities your freshman year as a member and continuing on into your sophomore, junior and even senior year with professional positions. If you are looking for communities that help you reach your 100% during college, join an LLC.

We offer communities for a wide array of academic interests and passions, so we know we have a community for you!

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