Pictured above: University freshman, Allison Smith, walks across the bridge that begins the “Miss Nancy Trail” on Mt. Kessler. | Photo by Ashley Miller


By Ashley Miller
University Housing Marketing Intern

Enjoy a day outside

on one of the numerous trails Kessler Mountain has to offer. It’s a seven-minute drive from the university that students can easily enjoy on almost any day. From trails to bluffs to a regional park, you can get your daily dose of an outdoor activity with friends or by yourself at Kessler.

Regional Park

Kessler Mountain underwent an expansion series two summers ago. This expansion resulted in the following:

“six lighted soccer fields, four lighted baseball fields, two restroom/concession buildings, about 400 parking spaces, and other associated infrastructure including an entry road, water, electric, sewer lines, and a temporary trailhead access to the Kessler Mountain trails.”

The various sports fields, coupled with other additional amenities, provide an enjoyable place for friends and larger groups to have sporting events.

Whether it’s for competitive reasons, or all-inclusive fun, the fields provide ample opportunity for various groups to have their own space and enjoy a game of their own.


Pictured above: the orange diamonds on the Miss Nanny trail. Kessler Mountain’s trails are lined with colored identifiers to guide hikers on their routes.


Kessler Mountain currently hosts 387 acres of upland forest located directly across from the regional park. The mountain is most commonly known for its hiking/mountain biking trails with Fayetteville views that can’t be beat.

But wait.

With new Kessler Mountain Trails Master Plan underway, there are proposed trails that would result in an east bluff, lower bluff and beginner loop for those of all different levels of trail experience.

“The City commissioned Progressive Trail Design LLC, a local trails design, planning, and construction company, partnered with Alta Planning and Design and Ozark Ecological Restoration, to prepare a trails master plan for Kessler Mountain.”

Have a break from class? Need something to do next week? It’s time to relish in Fayetteville’s fall weather by grabbing a pair of hiking shoes, a friend or two and explore more of the Natural State.

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