Pictured above: Resident assistant Grace Arnold shows her enthusiasm for arriving students outside Maple Hill East. | Submitted by University Housing Intern

The Class of 22, #UARK22, arrived on campus this month amid a sea of staff and volunteers eager to welcome them to the university.

Move-in is University Housing’s favorite time of the year because it’s an opportunity to celebrate new beginnings and more personal stories of student arrivals.

Starting Aug. 9, more than 5,000 students traveled from their hometowns to their new #UARKHOME in Fayetteville. During the weekend, University Housing connected with many of the incoming freshman and their families. It was our goal to guarantee the students were comfortable and settled-in while families enjoyed their parting moments with their child.

Freshman Jackson Stanley and his family | submitted by University Housing Intern

Freshman Jackson Stanley from Memphis, Tennessee lucked out for move-in this year. He had an abundance of extra help make the five-hour drive to help get all of his things moved into his new room in Maple Hill South. All that help came in handy in order to get his things moved inside before the rain hit Fayetteville that Saturday.

Freshman Niah Hixson and her family | submitted by University Housing Intern

Freshman Niah Hixson’s family felt this first hand as they embraced before going separate ways after they finished move-in. Lucky for them parent weekend is right around the corner! Sometimes the hardest part of move-in is saying goodbye to your family after it is all over. 

We’re looking forward to all the memories that are made during the 2018-2019 academic year with the UARK ’22 Freshman Class!