Pictured above: Holcombe and Futrall residents at the Dream Big program. Photos by Katrina Erickson

By Katrina Erickson
Resident Assistant
Futrall Hall

The first weeks of college can be challenging for freshmen. Adjusting to new places, people and food can be hard. In the first weeks after move-in, thousands of freshmen discovered different ways to settle into their new home at the University of Arkansas.

This year 1,717 girls went through sorority recruitment. After a week of learning about the different Greek houses, thousands of girls pledged and celebrated “Bid Day” with their friends and family.

Other students kept busy by participating in Rock Camp and attending Welcome Weeks events. During Welcome Weeks, there are daily activities for students put on by campus organizations and Fayetteville ministries.

Freshman Roni Rivas attended University Housing’s Taste of Fayetteville and raved about her experience. She loved trying foods while making friends.

Explore Campus

Outside of the structured events provided by the university, some students prefer to jump right in and explore.

Freshmen Syd Woodruff decided to ride her bike around campus to explore different spots. Woodruff said she that she rides her bike to avoid having to move her car from its spot across campus.

“Parking is difficult here. But riding my bike helps me get exercise and see more of campus life,” she said.

She also walked her class schedule ahead of time, so that she wouldn’t get lost on the first day of class.

Another freshman, Keragan Casey, confessed that adjusting has been difficult. “Sorority recruitment was exhausting, and I’m having a hard time keeping up with the pace of my professors. But I think after a few weeks I will start to get the hang of it.”

Learning to balance college classes, social activities and living independently takes time.

Hall Opportunities

Perhaps the biggest challenge that freshmen face is moving from their family home to a residence hall with a roommate. To make this transition easier, resident assistants meet with their residents and host hall events.

These events allow the students to meet their neighbors, make friends and feel comfortable in their new home.

The Dream Big program in Holcombe and Futrall allowed students to discuss share their goals for the year.

Holcombe and Futrall Halls hosted Dream Big, a socialization program held Aug. 19 where students make goals for the coming semesters.

Over a hundred students attended, and soon everyone was laughing and posing at the photo booth.

Residents played ping pong, chess, pool, and mingled with each other. While everyone is still adjusting, the events helped ease the transition.

The future is bright for the Class of 2022 and Fayetteville welcomes them with open arms.