Pictured above: Emily Snyder, Braydee Chu, Sydney Nichols, Amanda Coreley, and Christina Varghese at Chocolate Wasted 

By Hannah Hamilton
Resident Assistant
Hotz Honors Hall

This year’s Chocolate Wasted event educated students on alcohol safety while showing them that they don’t have to get the wrong kind of wasted. Getting “Chocolate Wasted” is so much more fun!

Upon arrival at the Chi Omega Greek Theatre, students were checked in at the welcome booth and given a punch card that served as a key to enter the “chocolate party” on the stage. After checking in, students were encouraged to visit three information tables about varying issues on campus to receive a punch in their punch card.

These three tables included No Woman Left Behind (NWLB)the Student Standards and Conduct Office and Rape Education by Peers Encouraging Conscious Thought (RESPECT). The first table visited was the No Woman Left Behind table where two volunteers explained that the program was created to educate the community about sexual assault and reduce it on campus. NWLB volunteers handed out information flyers, answered questions and discussed how the students can get involved.

The Student Standards and Conduct Office offered a fun, interactive booth. A volunteer student was asked to roll an inflatable dice, and after the dice were rolled, the conduct officer present read aloud the corresponding conduct law that matched the dice roll.

Students then made their way to the RESPECT table. At this table, student interns separated the students into small groups and discussed that RESPECT is a group of students helping others to understand the issues of sexual assault, relationship violence and its risk reduction and prevention.

The student interns also explained safety measures that can be taken such as never leaving your drink unattended at a party, watching out for your friends, and much more

“If someone’s been drinking and are too drunk to drive, they’re too drunk to have sex with someone,” said one RESPECT intern.

Finally, after filling up their heads with life-saving knowledge and their cards with punches, students were ready for the chocolate party on stage. While waiting, students were asked to fill out a “completion survey” showing that they had gone to the tables and received good information.

Once the survey was filled out, the students were ushered onto the stage where they were encouraged to get “chocolate wasted” with cake, brownies, cupcakes, donuts, chocolate milk, and so much more.

At this fun and delicious program, students were invited to learn about alcohol safety while having a blast and getting “chocolate wasted”!

Chocolate Wasted happened Aug. 15.