By Alyson Schutte
Resident Assistant
Yocum Hall

When it comes to Academic Resources around campus, not all students are aware of what is available to them, therefore, University Housing department created the @Home program designed to bridge the gap between the known and unknown.

This semester, a team of eight housing employees  developed and launched the creation of a academic outreach program called “The Prepared Pig.”

This includes monthly blogs and social media posts of three tips related to a particular topic.

For example, they have focused on Studying Abroad, Self-Care and Professionalism. In addition to these stories, they have decided to bring student involvement to their program.

The Prepared Pig week will be takes place  April 8-12.

During this time, students are encouraged to take and post pictures with any academic resources on campus, using the hashtag #PreparedPig. This can include a picture at Class +, the Multicultural Center in the Union, Mullins or the Law Library, with a professor, at a favorite study spot, or with any other resources related to academics.

Why participate? Well, students that chose to partake in The Prepared Pig Week will receive a FREE super awesome Prepared Pig Mug on April 19-20 at the Prepared Pig tabling events.

Check out the University Housing Instagram @uarkhousing for more information and to stay updated on event details!