With move-in day approaching, it is safe to say that #uark23 students are curious as to what their new home will look like.

Thankfully, University Housing conducts a summer series called “UARKHOME Live!” that provides live tours of each residence hall, the dining areas, the move-in process and health, housing and transit/parking services.

During the live tour, you will get to meet the coordinator for residence education (CRE) for each residence hall that will tell you a little bit about themselves and what the community is like in their building.

Each residence hall tour will also go over where the building is located on campus, the front desk, laundry room, bathrooms, living spaces and the common areas such as student kitchens and study spaces.

Tuning into your building’s live tour can be extremely beneficial because you are able to ask questions in real time that we will answer on the spot.

We can also measure anything in the living space and give you any dimensions in the room.

We hope to see you tuned in to our UARKHOME Live! tours this summer. Bring all of your questions!

The full schedule of tours is available on the Move-in website.