By now you have found your special nook on campus to study, do homework or just escape for a moment between classes. 

Soon you’ll start prepping for your finals. Across campus, there will be an increase of students, staff and faculty heading to those same nooks to prepare for their exams and assignments.  

Unfortunately, this is also the time where some not-so-savory people may come to campus looking for an opportunity to line their pockets. 

Don’t let your guard down!

Each year, the campus experiences an increase in thefts in public places because someone just went to the bathroom or they only turned around for a minute or they were napping for less than 10 minutes. While the campus is a safe place, it is also an attractive place for people who want to take advantage of those who may be less focused on safety.   

Here are a few tips for making safety a practice on campus.

Campus Safety Tips

Around Campus

  • Put the University Police number in your cell phone or commit it to memory (479) 575-2222
  • Lock your car doors each time you get in and get out of your vehicles
  • Use well-lit paths at night
  • Walk with a friend or a group of friends when walking across campus
  • Utilize SafeRide at night

In the Residence Halls

  • Register your bikes with the Office of Sustainability
  • Download the RAVE Guardian personal safety phone app from the App Store or Google Play 
  • Don’t let anyone have access to your keys/fob
  • Lock your room door each time you enter or leave
  • Deny access to anyone who you don’t know when entering the residence hall
  • Let your Resident Assistant know if something or someone seems out of place
  • Don’t leave your valuables in your car visible for passersby to see

Key Numbers to Keep Handy

  • University of Arkansas Police Department
    • 479-575-2222  | Text tips to 479-575-2222
  • Safe Ride Service (requires a valid student ID)
    • Night Owl Service (Mon – Tues, 10:30 p.m. – 1 a.m.) 479-575-7233
    • Wed – Sat, 10:30 p.m. – 3 a.m., 479-575-7233
  • University Housing Service Center (24 hours)
    • 479-575-7005

For more information and tips, please go to the University’s Campus Safety website.

Information adapted from the US Security Associates (