Print stations are being set up for your use. Once the print station in Adohi is fully operational, you will be able to use your university credentials to have print requests completed. This resource is located at the front desk of the building and will be accessible 24/7.

The TVs in the common areas are not programmed for usage just yet. Housing staff are setting up each individual TV and making sure the cable is working. We are activity working on a resolution so you can enjoy all the television offerings the cable package allows.

Music practice rooms will see longer hours… like open all the time… as in will not lock. Please feel free to reserve the space if you know there is a specific time and date you would like to have the space held for your use. If not, come when you can and use the space to practice your vocal performance, oratorical pieces, instrument, etc.

Also in the “did you know realm”, the audio booth is open! Please come down for the training so you can use the space to mix some cool beats, or whatever it is the cool kids are doing. This space is on a reservation process only, so usage will be available to students who have participated in the trainings.