By Tatiana McGraw
Resident Assistant
Adohi Hall

Worried about finals?

No need, you can stop right there! We have the tips, tricks and tools needed to succeed and still get some sleep.

Let’s dive into a few tips and then some ways to prepare along the way.


  • Take deep breaths
  • Take it one final at a time
  • Exercise
  • Make time to sleep & eat

It is important not to get overwhelmed, try to think about what your professor really emphasized in class. Try to take it one final and one day at a time.

Make sure to prioritize and keep up with a good study pace, but also try to exercise. It is always a great way to clear your mind or give yourself a few minutes of your time.

I know pulling all-nighters is the way it looks like finals week should be done, but that is wrong! Your body needs rest and nutrients to be fully functioning; helping you have a clear mind and reducing the likelihood to burn out. Now it’s time to get into how to prepare to tackle on those exams.

First thing first, let’s get organized and make a schedule!

We all know there are deadlines and some of those may even overlap; being organized will help you plan ahead and make sure you can get everything done on time. It is time to relax and get excited; break is just around the corner. A few more weeks and you are there. Reviewing is always a good decision; the more you see something, the more likely you are to remember it.

Try fully understanding the material and not just memorizing. More often than not, it is likely to show up again. While finals are hard and you may not get the grade you were expecting or wanting, learn from it and do better on the next.

Figure out something that you can change and ways to do better. Just make sure to give it your all and do your best.

One last thing, make time for yourself, whether that be 5 minutes to a few hours. It is good to give your body and mind time to rest. That can be by taking a walk, watching tv, talking to a friend. I guarantee after that break and clearing your head you will feel more energized and ready to study again.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” -Maya Angelou


  1. Get organized
  2. Once you are relaxed, get pumped
  3. Review, review, review
  4. Try to understand the material
  5. Keep everything in perspective
  6. Take time out for yourself