Winter break is fast approaching! Residence halls close at 5 p.m., Friday, Dec. 20 for the fall semester. 

Below you will find information that will assist you with your departure. 

Adohi Hall, the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity House, Clark Hall, the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority House, Duncan Avenue Apartments, Gatewood Hall, Gregson Hall, Harding Hall, Holcombe Hall, Humphreys Hall, Morgan Hall, Pomfret Hall, Walton Hall and Yocum Hall will remain open for winter break. 

All other residence halls and Greek houses managed by University Housing close at 5 p.m. Dec. 20.  Please complete the winter break checklist that will be placed on your room door prior to your departure. 

An resident assistant (RA) or graduate assistant (GA) will enter your room and verify that you have completed the checklist. 

Do not leave anything that you need to access (basketball tickets, clothing, medications, airline tickets, etc.) during the winter break as closed residence halls and Greek houses will be inaccessible until they re-open at noon, Wednesday, Jan. 1. 

Room Change or Not Returning?

If you are completing a room change or hall change before the end of the semester or you are not returning to the university for the spring semester, please log into the Housing Contracting portal and click on “Departure Time” to get important information (complete a statement of non-enrollment for students not returning to the university) and schedule a checkout appointment.

Appointment times must be 24 hours in advance.  

General Closing Checklist

Lists may vary between buildings 

Hall staff will be entering rooms starting 4 p.m. Dec. 20 starting at 4 PM to complete health and safety inspections.

Please ensure you complete the following below:

  • Secure your room:  Lock your room door and windows and leave your blinds down and open 
  • Unplug and power OFF: Lights, alarm clocks, hair dryers, irons, curling irons, coffee maker, computer, video game consoles, TV and any other appliances except refrigerators 
  • Thermostats: turn down to 68 degrees 
  • Refrigerators:  Should be cleaned and any food should be disposed of properly prior to leaving 

Prohibited Items

A reminder of items not allowed in residence hall rooms:  

  • Alcohol and/or alcohol containers for minors 
  • Candles, Candle Warmers, & Incense 
  • Electrical Appliances (with the exception of microwaves, coffee makers, hot pots, and popcorns poppers with closed coil heating elements) 
  • Space heaters & halogen lamps 
  • Electric blankets or bed warmers 
  • Weapons (Tasers, guns, bow and arrows, explosives, etc.) 

Items to complete as you leave

  • Remove trash from your room and properly dispose  
  • Seal up any open food items such as cereal, chips, noodles, etc., 
  • Remove any items/furniture blocking your heating/cooling unit 
  • Clear your floor of belongings  
  • Secure your bike or scooter in the proper location or take it home with you for the break period. 

Maintenance Information 

  • Routine pest control will occur during the first week of January 
  • Air filters will be changed in all rooms 


To see dining hours and menus during closing and break periods, please click on this link:–prices 

Extended Stay Requests 

You must complete an Extended Stay Request in order to stay in your residence hall past 5 p.m. on Friday, December 20 if you are in a hall that closes for winter break.  You may complete the Extended Stay Request form in the Housing Contracting Portal beginning Tuesday, Dec 10. 

The form must be submitted to your coordinator for residence educaiton (CRE) by Monday, Dec. 16. Your CRE will review your request and notify you of their decision by Tuesday, Dec. 17. 

Students approved for an extended stay must depart their room by noon, Sunday, Dec. 22. 

Important Dates

  • Sunday, Dec. 8:  Quiet hours begin in the residence halls for finals week. 
  • Thursday, Dec. 12:  Last day of class 
  • Friday, Dec. 13:  Dead Day; Non-returning students may begin checking out 
  • Monday, Dec. 16:  Deadline to submit an Extended Stay Request 
  • Monday, Dec. 16 – Thursday, Dec. 19:  Finals Week 
  • Friday, Dec. 20:  Residence halls close at 5 p.m. 
  • Saturday, Dec. 21:  Fall Commencement 
  • Sunday, Dec. 22:  Students who have been approved for an extended stay must depart by noon.