The following residence halls close at 5 p.m., Friday, March 18 for Spring Break 2016.

  • Buchanan-Droke
  • Founders
  • Futrall
  • Gibson
  • Gladson-Ripley
  • Hotz Honors
  • Maple Hill East
  • Maple Hill South
  • Maple Hill West
  • Pomfret
  • Reid
  • Walton
  • Yocum.

They open again at noon, Sunday, March 27.

There will be reduced service at the following locations during spring break:

  • Duncan Avenue Apts
  • Gregson
  • Holcombe
  • Humphreys
  • Northwest Quad

Spring Break Room Checklist

Please prepare your room for the break by following this checklist:

  1. Lock doors and windows.
  2. Leave your blinds down and open.
  3. Turn off your lights and alarm clocks.
  4. Make sure all belongings are off the floor.
  5. Unplug appliances and electronics except refrigerators and fish tanks.
  6. Take all medications with you.
  7. Take any sporting events tickets with you. You will not be able to enter hall to retrieve any items after closing.
  8. Remove trash from your room and properly dispose of it.
  9. Prepare for end of the year by taking home winter clothing, bike or anything else you do not need when you return to school.

Please make sure to sign the checklist when you are about to leave.

Two RA staff members will enter your room to verify that all things on the check list have been completed.

If you need to stay in your residence hall past 5 p.m., March 18, you must contact your Coordinator for Residence Education (CRE) no later than Friday, March 13. Students approved for extended stay must depart their residence hall by noon on Saturday, March 19.

Spring Break Dining Center Schedule

Spring Break 2016

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Spring Break Housing Projects

University Housing staff will continue or complete a number of projects during Spring Break 2016.

  • Clean NWQ suite bathrooms. Students in the Northwest Quad during spring break should post a “Room Is Occupied” sign on their suite door so that the ISA staff do not enter to clean the bathrooms at 6 a.m. Quad A suite bathrooms will be cleaned on March 18, from noon to 3 p.m.
  • Repair elevator floors. Repairs will be done in Northwest Quad A (Gatewood Hall), B and D (Harding Hall)
  • Bottle-filing stations. Housing staff continue working on the bottle filling stations at Reid Hall.
  • Mechanical room exhausts. Mechanical room exhausts will be installed at Maple Hill East, Maple Hill South and Maple Hill West
  • Extend the fence. Humphreys Hall’s west sidewalk will be extended.
  • Replace hallway carpet. Carpet will be replaced in NWQ A (Gatewood Hall).