Don’t Miss the Priority Recontracting Deadline!

Tuesday is the March 3 priority recontracting deadline at the University of Arkansas. It’s your last chance to ensure you choose your living space before incoming freshman!

We want you here on campus this fall, and we have room for you to live with us! 

Below are 10 reasons to #ReUp and live on campus!

#10: Live involved.

#10: Live involved. Living on campus means you can easily get involved! From pop-up University events to RA’s hosting programs with free activities and food, you never know what a day of living on campus will bring!

#9: Live close.

#9: Live close: Whether you need to go to class, grab food, study in Mullins or head to club meetings, you’re practically there already when you live on campus!

#8: Live fully-furnished. 

#8: Live fully-furnished. Living on campus means your room is already furnished with a bed, desk and closet space! Let Housing handle the heavy lifting.

#7: Live well-rested.

#7: Live well-rested. Who doesn’t love more sleep?! Living on campus means naps in between classes and hitting snooze on your alarm one more time because you don’t have to commute to campus.

#6: Live clean.

#6: Live clean. Living on campus means routine cleaning. Teams of ISA staffs work to help you keep things clean, including deep-cleaning of community bathrooms, floor waxings and hallway vacuuming.

#5: Live bills-free.

#5: Live bills-free. Living off campus means monthly rent, utilities and water. By living on campus, you only pay the one-time, all-inclusive housing payment. Bye-bye bills!

#4: Live commute-free.

#4: Live commute-free. Living on campus means avoiding traffic and the ever-stressful parking situation! Walking to class is a win.

#3: Live safe.

#3:  Live safe. Each residence hall is equipped with its own security system, and there are on-campus transportation services available! Had a late night studying and need to go home? Safe-Ride will pick give you a ride from anywhere on campus.

#2: Live full.

#2: Live full. Living on campus means living with a meal plan that will satisfy all your food cravings! Whether you want the to swipe at the dining hall, use your dinner meal trade or spend Razorbuck$ for a snack, Housing’s got you covered.

#1: Live less-stressed.

#1: Live less-stressed. College students are busy enough without worrying about being on time, bills and meals. Live on campus and cut that stress out!