E-scooter rentals continue to be a popular form of transportation across Fayetteville. It is important to remember how to safely use e-scooters when trying to get to your destination quickly and efficiently.

Safety is always a top priority for the U of A community. We encourage everyone to stay safe and be courteous when on the roads or sidewalks on campus.

E-scooters can be ridden on streets, bicycle paths, and sidewalks that don’t abut buildings, just like bicycles. Pedestrians have the priority on all sidewalks. E-scooters are programmed with a maximum speed of 15 mph and will automatically slow to 6 mph in designated “slow zones.”


Newly installed parking corrals are now available throughout campus. These specially marked areas will provide a safe place to park an e-scooter or access one to take a ride. It is important to utilize these spaces when parking an e-scooter and to not park them in areas that may block access.

A map of all corral locations can be found at safety.uark.edu.

E-scooter Parking Reminders

  • Park scooters neatly at a bike rack or in a designated corral
  • Always stand scooters upright when parking.
  • Do not park scooters:
    • Blocking sidewalks
    • In handicapped zones
    • In flow of traffic/on street
    • In loading zone
    • In bus zones
    • On private property
    • In front of doors
    • In a driveway

As a reminder, e-scooters are allowed to be used on streets, paved trails and everywhere bicycles are allowed. E-scooter riding is permitted on most sidewalks, but riders must yield to pedestrians. Extra caution should be used at crosswalks and driveways. No riding is allowed on sidewalks that abut a building face.

Scooter use is also prohibited inside any building. Helmets are strongly recommended to prevent head injuries and the use of a cellphone, headphone, earbuds or any similar device that impairs hearing is also prohibited while riding.

More information including parking tips can be found below and at safety.uark.edu.

This article was first published Monday, Sept. 21, 2020, on the University of Arkansas News website.