Pictured above: Members of Associated Student Government, Courtney Brooks and Pierce Phillips, address the Residents’ Interhall Congress. | Picture by Andrew Havens

Members of the Associated Student Government spoke to Residents Interhall Congress on Monday about running for office in the upcoming ASG elections.

Jace Motely is running for president, Courtney Brooks for vice president, Hannah Andrews for secretary, and Pierce Phillips for treasurer.

Phillips and Brooks presented a few of the issues that they intend to address if elected. Included were proposals for FLEX$ that would roll from semester to semester and a potential student discount with Uber.

Low Election Turnout

The candidates also talked about the importance of voting on campus. The University of Arkansas compares poorly to other campuses in the Southeastern Conference when it comes to voting, Brooks said.

“Universities like Alabama have 40 percent of students turn out to vote, and here [at the University of Arkansas] it is only 5 percent,” he said.

Voting takes place March 14 – 16. Students can vote by going to vote.uark.edu.


Gamer4Good Pilot

Daniel Hazman, CEO and co-founder of Gamer4Good, gave a presentation to RIC. on a new program that he is developing for recycling and sustainability. The program allow students to compete to see who could recycle the most recyclable materials.

The competition includes an app that people can download on to their mobile devices. Within this application, students can compete in online games that are influenced by how much they are able to recycle.

“It’s an app that is designed to make recycling fun and rewarding,” Hazman said.

The program will have a trial run in Pomfret through the end of this semester.

[Editor’s note: Gamer4Good is working with University Housing to develop this pilot program in Pomfret Hall.]

Hazman hopes that the program will be campus-wide starting this next semester. A bill was presented to RIC. in which they would provide $500 to the program for potential prizes. Prices include a Yeti cooler and a trip to the Arkadia Retrocade.

Next Week:

  • RIC will vote on a bill to provide funds for “Night Market,” an April 20 event in Holcomb Hall. The event will showcase food and art from different countries around the world.
  • A bill will be voted on next week for a program called “Hotz Shots.” The event focuses on March Madness and includes “Selection Sunday” and Championship Game watch parties. RIC will vote on whether or not to provide $500 dollars for the program.