Pictured above: This gavel is used to begin each Residents’ Interhall Congress meeting. RIC representatives got down to business this week and heard three bill proposals. | Photo by Jessi Balagtas

By Jessi Balagtas
Reid Hall Resident Assistant

Residents’ Interhall Congress reviewed three bills this week. Those bills will be voted on at next week’s meeting.

Bills Introduced

House Bill 1 – Ghostbusters on the NW Quad Lawn

Patrick Lester received resounding snaps [Editor’s note: This is RIC’s  form of applause.] as he presented the first bill.

Lester proposed a bill that funds a movie on the lawn on the NWQ lawn.

A good option for the Halloween movie is to show the 1984 movie Ghostbusters, Lester said.

The Oct. 26 event would be an easy come-and-go environment with popcorn and hot chocolate.

RIC needs to authorize money to  license  the movie and for snacks.

House Bill 2 – Sponsoring SWACURH

Bill sponsor Justin Ryan asked RIC for $5,000 to send student delegates to the Southwest Affiliate of College & University Residence Halls (SWACURH) conference.

The money would pay for the conference, transportation and lodging. It also includes funds to pay for Housing advisors to attend.

The conference is scheduled for Oct. 20-23 at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

RIC students may apply for up to eight delegate positions and receive an academic excuse from the two days of classes they’ll miss on behalf of RIC.

RIC representatives showed up Monday n business casual-attire and ready to consider some bills. Photo by Jessi Balagtas

RIC representatives showed up Monday n business casual-attire and ready to consider some bills. | Photo by Jessi Balagtas

House Bill 3 – End of Summer Celebration

Bill sponsors Grant Conner and Lorenz Hampton asked RIC to fund an end-of-summer celebration.

The event will include snow cones, frisbee through the Ultimate Frisbee RSO. It will be staffed by University Housing’s Lead Hogs group.

Questions were asked about whether or not the event would be open to all residential students or only those who live in Gregson and Gibson Halls.

House Speaker Kanha Bodhistava told the sponsors that RIC may be less likely to grant funding to programs that are exclusive to select students.

We want to encourage campus-wide programming and community with RIC funding, he said.

New Business

  • T-shirts. RIC plans to hold a contest to select a new t-shirt design
  • Social Media Challenge. Sandy Ezigbo, RIC’s director of advertising and public relations, is developing a prize giveaway if RIC’s Twitter and Instagram accounts reach 200 and 850 followers, respectively.
  • Still Time to Rep. Spots are still open for resident reps for buildings.

Next Meeting

RIC meets at 6:30 p.m. each Monday in the Maple Hill East theatre room.

All on-campus students are invited to participate in RIC.