Students are invited to an informational meeting Thursday about campus resources available for international students with questions about the president’s recent executive order that restricted travel from seven countries.

University Housing will host this meeting at 4:30 p.m. Thursday in the Holcombe Hall piano room.

Holcombe Hall is home to the International Students and Scholars Office and houses many international students who might be affected by this executive order.

The meeting was organized in conjunction with Pat Walker Health Center’s Counseling and Psychological Services unit and the International Students and Scholars Office.

“It is University Housing’s mission to ensure students are safe and comfortable on campus. This informational meeting allows students to ask questions about the executive order’s impact on them and their fellow classmates,” said Takama Statton-Brooks, director of Housing’s Residence Education unit.

Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz spoke earlier this week about President Donald Trump’s executive order affecting travel to seven countries.

“Here on our campus, well over 100 people from these affected countries currently hold visas to study, visit and work in the U.S. We’re seeking clarity on the scope and impact of the executive order and related processes also encouraging speedy resolution. We will be reaching out to government officials to inquire on the status of our affected community members and to encourage an expedited process,” he said in a statement.