April is becoming May. That means it’s time to start preparing for the end of the year.

You can check out of the residence halls as early as May 6.

Crazy, right?

Key Dates

  • April 18 – 25: Floor meetings about check out
  • April 27 – May 2: Dumpsters arrive outside residence halls
  • May 1: Quiet hours begin at 8 p.m.
  • May 2: Sign up for a check-out appointment.
  • May 6 (Dead Day): First day to check out. Trash chutes locked at 7 a.m. and remain locked until move out is over.
  • May 14: Hall close at 2 p.m.

Move-Out Process

Follow the steps below and you’ll minimize the stress of taking finals and packing at the same time.

  1. Attend Your Floor Meeting. Your resident assistant will hold a meeting for your floor sometime before April 25. Your RA will go over the check out process and answer any questions you have.
  2. Sign Up to Check Out. You’ll need to sign up for a check out appointment with University Housing staff before May 4.
  3. Clean Your Room. No one wants to hear those words, but it’s especially true here. You risk additional fines if you don’t clean your room properly. Nobody wants that, especially Housing. Report any damages that might have happened. Finally, be sure to return your room to it’s original configuration. A floor plan with the original configuration will be provided to you. Cleaning supplies are available at the front desk of the hall.
  4. Pack it Home Early. No harm in taking things home early if you no longer need them on campus. You can drop off your winter coats or your bike at home if you have a chance before move out happens.
  5. De-loft Your Bed. This is the time to restore your room and furnishings to the original condition. That means putting it back to the original height. The reason this is so important is that our staff must de-loft the beds if you don’t. That means almost 6,000 beds need to be de-lofted potentially. Too much de-lofting. Plus, we have to charge you $45 to do it.
  6. Check Out Day. Your check out time includes a roughly two-hour window where you can drive your car close to the hall. During that time you need to load your stuff, do a walk through with staff, sign a Room Inventory Form (RIF) and check out of the hall. Dollies are available on a limited basis.

We’re glad you lived with us. We hope you come back and stay with us again next year. By working together and being patient with one another, we can ensure that Move-Out 2016 goes well for everyone.


See this schedule.


All parking regulations will be enforced on Dead Day and during final exams. Resident Reserved permit requirements will be enforced until 5 p.m. May 13.

After May 13, Resident Reserved parking lots will be open for all permit types.

Additional Information

Extended Stay

We understand that some people have special situations and need to stay a bit longer than 2 p.m., May 14.

Any student wanting to stay longer than 24 hours after they complete their last final must complete an Extended Stay Request form from their zone/hall front desk. The Extended Stay Request form will be available from at the hall’s front desk beginning April 28.

You must have a valid reason for staying beyond check out. There is a $30 charge for each night beyond check out. Seniors and students participating in the commencement activities (i.e., band, choir) need to complete the form as well but will not be charged the $30 fee for the evening of May 14.

The Extended Stay Request form must be submitted by noon, May 6. A decision will be given by email by 5 p.m., May 9.

Students taking classes during summer may apply to live on campus.

Leave Green

University Housing will donate items left behind to Potter’s House Thrift through Housing’s Leave Green program.

Several local nonprofit agencies applied and Potter’s House Thrift was selected as this year’s recipient. You will soon see boxes in the halls where you can donate unneeded items to this charitable cause.

Contact Information

Please see your RA or the Housing staff at the front desk of your building if you have additional questions about moving out.