Pictured above: Please park in Lot 37 or Lot 40a unless you are immediately moving out. Cars entering Lot 40 and Lot 41 must show a dashboard move-out parking pass to enter during the day. That starts today and continues until Friday. | Source: Campusmaps.uark.edu.

You must have a move-out parking pass to enter the parking lots in front of Hotz and Reid halls between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., today through Friday.

This is an effort to create a smoother move-out process in front of Hotz Hall (Lot 40) and Reid Hall (Lot 41).

The move-out parking dashboard pass will only be issued 60 minutes prior to your check-out appointment.  Please contact your hall front desk for more information.

Students with a Zone 1 Resident Reserved sticker who are not moving out on one of these days should park their cars near the Northwest Quad (Lot 37) or across from Maple Hill at the corner of Cleveland and Hall streets (Lot 40a).