By Aja Pence
University Housing’s Sustainability Coordinator

What is RecyleMania?

Recylemania is an 8-week competition between all of the residence halls on campus.

The competition promotes recycling and waste reduction. Not only do our residence halls on campus compete, but our university competes at an international level.

Let’s show the world how great and sustainable the university is. Make #UARKGreen!

When is RecycleMania

Competition starts Feb. 5 and ends April 1.

How do I participate?

We’ve already taken care of the hard part. Now all you need to do is RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE and keep RECYCLING!

What can I recycle?

  • PAPER, CARDBOARD, CANS and BOTTLES. That’s it! But remember points will be deducted for contaminated items. (Example: a cardboard pizza box with leftover cheese and grease would NOT count as it has been contaminated)
    So make sure your items are clean and sorted before you recycle them!
  • We will keep track of what you all have recycled based off poundage. Each week, facilities management will weigh the recycled materials. Whichever hall has the most will be in the lead! (Keep in mind, we may adjust the poundage depending on size and population of the hall)
  • Scores will be calculated and posted here each week. We will also send out email updates.

… and last but not least, what do I get out of it?

Prizes! A prize worth $500 (but it’s a secret!)

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