Pictured above: RIC reps can be seen on campus wearing a new T-shirt design. It was created by Sandy Ezigbo, RIC’s director of advertising and public relations.

By Jessi Balagtas
Reid Hall Resident Assistant

Residents’ Interhall Congress, or RIC, begins this semester with $29,000 of their budget remaining, That’s 66 percent of the total budget left unspent.

RIC bankrolls on-campus programs and leadership opportunities for students. Any residential student can bring a program forward to RIC for potential funding.

Macy Vance, left, is sworn in as RIC’s director of programming. Speaker of the House Kanha Bodhisatva, right, helps with the process.

Currently, bills are being drafted that would lead to TV replacements, professional development programming, RIC awareness, showing appreciation for Chartwells and increasing campus safety measures

Monday marked the first meeting of the semester. The congress moved meetings from Maple Hill South to the Human Environmental Sciences building, room 102, this semester in an effort to be closer to the center of campus.

New Shirts

RIC representatives will also be sporting new t-shirts. In an effort to advertise, establish campus presence and just look swanky in a new tee, RIC invested in trendy comfort colors T-shirts that state their purpose: “The voice of on-campus students.”

If you look really close, you can see Sandy Ezigbo’s favorite places on campus. Ezigbo is RIC’s director of advertising and public relations.

Travel Ban Questions

On a serious note, President Trent Wilson addressed concerns many of the hall representatives and many students of the university voiced recently about President Donald Trump’s executive order limiting travel from seven countries.

University Housing held an informational meeting about that executive order Thursday.

Wilson said that no matter what views people have, the ban negatively affects many people on campus.

“If you want something to change, go out and do it,” he said.