Pictured above: Chess club president Chidubem Egbosima asks RIC for money to fund a recruitment night event.

By Jessi Balagtas
Reid Hall Resident Assistant

Resident’s Interhall Congress kicked off their meeting Monday with a visit from Housing staff curious to get students’ thoughts on the proposed residence hall expansion on the south side of campus.

Flo Johnson, associate vice chancellor for University Housing, and Takama Statton-Brooks, director for Residence Education, spoke about the project.

The project team held focus groups Feb. 2 for on-campus students to solicit their opinions about the new hall that will be located near Pomfret Hall.

RIC representatives were given two architectural designs to debate for the new hall: the “Serpentine” and the “Ramble.”

Haydn Thuber, an RIC representative, believes there are pros and cons to both designs and is looking forward to the completion of the project in fall 2019.

The Bills

RIC has 3 bills up for vote next week:

Cards FOR Humanity

This program is in the spirit of Random Acts of Kindness Day, Feb. 17. It is part of Random Acts of Kindness Week. When you complete a random act of kindness, you’ll be entered into a drawing for Razorback gear.

Craft Night

A program promoting and informing students about RIC while crafting.

Chess Night by the Chess Club

A recruiting program by the chess club written by club president Chidubem Egbosima(6 &7). It is sponsored by Zaheer Siddiqui (5)

Run for Office

RIC members are encouraged to consider running for executive positions. What do you want to be the new face of next semester’s RIC reps and execs to look like? (15)