Pictured above: Jose Nunez, a senior, talks with a student affairs representative at Flip Your Flop. Nunez learned about the different programs which help students such as Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). This service provides discounted or free counseling to students, faculty and staff. | Photo by Leah Nelson

Several university students attended Flip Your Flop, Tuesday, Jan. 22, to prepare themselves for the spring semester.

“[Flip Your Flop] informs them of resources to help them succeed,” said Laura Kilpatrick, Maple Hill West residence hall’s coordinator for residence education.

At the event, students learned about the departments and resources available to them which can help them, no matter what they are struggling with.

Mental health issues, lackluster academic performance and stress are issues that sometimes need to be addressed after a student’s first semester.

Flip Your Flop can boost academic success and achievement, said Kilpatrick.

Students talked with departments from around campus to learn about the services they provide them. They collected stickers from each of the tables as they went.

Once they visited all of the departments, attendees turned the card in and were entered into a drawing to win a speaker or headphones.

Shelby Redetzke, a resident assistant at Yocum Hall, talks with a Department of Wellness and Health Promotion staff member. Redetzke learned about software available to students that helps with grammar while attending Flip Your Flop,

Student Services

Jose Nunez, a senior from Panama is double majoring in crop science and poultry science. He said he comes to many of the events the university holds.

He attends the events because there’s a lot to learn and the programs always teach him something helpful, Nunez said.

Flip Your Flop taught Nunez about services he didn’t know the university offered such as classes you can take at Pat Walker Health Center to reduce stress and the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) which provides some of its counseling for free.

“I didn’t know you could talk to someone for free. That could be helpful for a lot of students,” Nunez said.

He knew some of the departments at the event such as University Recreation but plans to tell his friends about some of the services which could benefit them such as No Woman Left Behind and CAPS, Nunez said.

In addition to learning about some of the resources available to students, the free promotional items and food were a plus to sophomore Shelby Redetzke, a Yocum Hall resident assistant.

She liked that several of the services offered to help students be more successful are covered under student fees and do not cost more money to use. 

“I didn’t know there’s software you can download and programs you can use to help you with your grammar,” Redetzke said as an example.