Week 4 Recap:

Week 4 officially wrapped for the 2016 RecycleMania Competition. See the infographic above for more detail.

With the boost from the social media competition, Walton secured its place in the lead, pulling ahead of both Gladson-Ripley and Buchanan-Droke.

Overall, University Housing recycled a combined 917 pounds with only 49 pounds of contamination, that is down 7 pounds of contamination from last week. Keep up the good work!

“Walton’s Recyclemania efforts have been a community-wide focus. Our ISA [housekeeping] staff of Jan and Adam have taken additional steps to inform residents how to recycle, our residing Greek organizations have been conscientious contributors, and our RAs have worked to identify barriers that may keep residents from recycling,” said Michael McAllister, coordinator for Greek Housing.

“A special mention goes to Jan for providing so much motivation during the first few weeks of the competition.”

Gladson-Ripley is in a close second with 202.6 points, just behind Walton with 203.6 points. Buchanan-Droke is trailing in third with 189 points.

You can see a break down of scores in this PDF.