Spring 2018 RecycleMania Competition Kicks Off

Spring 2018 RecycleMania Competition Kicks Off
Help your residence hall be the campus RecycleMania Champion!

RecycleMania is a national eight-week competition and benchmarking event for college and university recycling programs to promote wasted reduction on campus. The University of Arkansas has been participating in the RecycleMania competition since 2008.

It kicked off Sunday, Feb. 4. The competition ends on Saturday, March 31.

The University of Arkansas will compete against more than 400 other colleges and universities across the country.

On campus, the residence halls compete against one another to see which hall recycles the most. We will measure the pounds of material recycled divided each week by the population of the hall. This allows for a per capita measurement among halls.

Take your cans, plastic bottles, mixed paper and cardboard boxes to the recycling containers located in your residence hall.

Each week, items collected are weighed and a running tally of pounds collected is being kept.

Running tally results for week three. First place- Yocum Hall; Second place- Pomfret Hall; Third place- Hotz Hall

It’s important to ensure that the recycled materials are not contaminated as contaminated poundage counts against your hall’s totals. Contamination comes in the form of trash or food particles being included in the recycled materials.

Weekly updates with the amounts recycled will be posted on University Housing’s page on HogSync.

The hall that collects the most pounds recycled per resident will be crowned campus RecycleMania Champion. The hall will receive a prize and a traveling RecycleMania Champion trophy.

So be sure to take your recyclable materials to your hall’s recycling area and make your hall the campus RecycleMania Champion!

Previous Years of RecycleMania

Northwest Quad Takes the Lead in Week 2 of RecycleMania

RecycleMania week 2 has quickly come and passed! This week, we nearly doubled our total as a university.

Pomfret Hall Leads in Week 1 of RecycleMania

Pomfret Hall Leads in Week 1 of RecycleMania

As a university, we recycled almost 700 pounds of cardboard, cans, plastic and paper. However, around 65 pounds was contaminated – meaning it still contained food particles that made it ineligible for recycling.

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